October 24, 2010

Moisture Festival Children's Book Author Rebekah Ginda Designer Of Many Things

Rebekah Ginda, author and illustrator of "laughter is the key" the original Moisture Festival children's book, is a talented designer and artist. We believe that if the festival children's book wasn't proof enough then you can see for yourself by taking a look at some of her other creations at her Esty internet store.

Rebekah is married to Moisture Festival veteran performer Moeppi Ginda. Well known to festival fans as the other half of the variety act Hacki and Moeppi. Last summer Rebekah and Moeppi relocated to Munster Germany with son Diemo, who often preformed with Hacki and his dad as part of their act. Early on Diemo was used more as a prop in the act while "developing" his performing skills. I wouldn't be surprised to see Diemo show up someday as a talented performer in his own right given the fact he is growing up in such a talented and artistically inclined family.

While Rebekah is busy creating her art and designs, Hacki and Moeppi are involved with production and performing in "abenteuer LACHEN" (an adventure of Laughter) in Muenster Germany, a three month run of variety shows begining November 4th and running through the end of January. The shows in Muenster also features a number of performers who have played a big part in past Moisture Festivals including Tom Noddy, Poppy Daze, John Olufs and Michael Clifton.

photo: Michelle Bates (Moeppi Diemo and Rebekah Ginda)