November 3, 2010


Haven't you always wanted to ditch your day job and run away with the circus? Well, now is your chance. In November PBS airs CIRCUS, a new multi-part documentary about life under the big top. For the series, producers followed the Big Apple Circus for the better part of a year, capturing the gritty, real moments between performers, managers and crew. The result is a taut production that reveals back lot drama without tarnishing our love affair with the glitter and spectacle of the circus. The producers coupled beautiful performance footage — much of it slowed enough to depict the immense physical control and strength of the artists — with personal, quirky vignettes about love, loss and ambition. They captured the story of Big Apple Circus Founder, Paul Binder, who is stepping down from his post after more than 30 years in the ring. And we see the tale of rookie Glen Heroy, who, in his mid-40s, is braving the circus limelight for all the glory and pain that is clowning. This documentary gives viewers front-row access to the inner-workings of a fascinating community. PBS CIRCUS premieres on November 3, 2010,check your local listing for air times and channel.

Watch the full episode. See more Circus.

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