June 5, 2011

Moisture Festival Burlesque Star Miss Indigo Blue Named Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011 At 54th Annual Reunion In Las Vegas

Well of course she is... and it serves as evidence that the Moisture Festival is privileged to features some of the most talented comedy variete' and burlesque performers in the world. Moisture Festival artists certainly don't perform for the money we pay. Their goal is to promote and build comedy variete' and burlesque performance as the genuine art form that it is in our local community and internationally.

The annual reunion in Las Vegas is one of the most prodigious gatherings of burlesque performers and supporters on earth. Miss Indigo Blue has been a star of the Moisture Festival forever it seems, and we are thrill that she is continuing to receive the recognition she deserves from the international burlesque community of performers and fans of the genre. Lily Verlaine "the living breathing work of art" and Moisture Festival star was named second runner up...

Miss Indigo Blue Reigning Queen Of Burlesque 2011
via: burlesque seattle press

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