October 21, 2011

Hot Tip from Moisture Festival’s Director of Smooth Operations

In addition to being Moisture Festival’s Director of Smooth Operations I also spend a few months each year as The Seattle International Film Festival’s (SIFF) Guest Relations Manager. As many of you know, SIFF is quite an awesome festival. During SIFF this past spring I saw a film that is about to open here in Seattle, on November 4 at the Varsity Theatre. Being Elmo is an extraordinary film about a very remarkable man and I really think our Moisture Festival Fans will love it so I’m passing along the tip. The film is a documentary about Kevin Clash, who has been the Muppeteer behind Elmo (Yes, Elmo who lives on Sesame Street) for over 30 years. His story is heartwarming, funny and inspiring with lots of great behind the scenes moments into Jim Henson’s one-of-a-kind world. As one review said “ A touching and beautiful story that proves that good things do happen to good people”. Well it really touched me and below is the photo to prove it! (Yes. Elmo and his sidekick, Kevin, actually attended the SIFF screening.) Go see this film. You’ll leave with that Moisture Festival grin spread wide across your face! Check out this link to find out more http://beingelmo.com

- Rhonda

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