April 3, 2013

Moisture Festival Week Three | New Performers and Acts Arrive | Last Weekend Of Libertease Burlesque At Broadway Performance Hall | Variete Continues At Hale's Palladium

Aviatrix Photo by Michelle Bates

Lots of new acts arriving for week three. Don't forget to try a late night variete' show at 10:30pm 18+ at Hale's Palladium or late night Libertease Burlesque show 18+ at Broadway Performance Hall. These shows tend to be great fun, especially for a more noisy late night crowd. 

Our 3pm matinées at Hale's Palladium on Saturdays and Sundays are geared for families and kids. On Sunday April 7th there is a special variete' show matinée at Broadway Performance Hall, if you'd like to see a family oriented variete' show on Capitol Hill.
You can click on the name of the performer below to see the specific show they're performing in during week 3 and also find more in depth information about them. 

It's going to be a great week three!

Variete' Performers at Hale's Palladium week three:

Al Simmons, Dream Frohe, Hacki & Moeppi, Jonathan Rose, Mark Growden, Niels Duinker, Puppet Guy, Tom Noddy, Wang Hong, Zebra Kings , Godfrey Daniels, Jessie Sawyers, Paper Doll Militia, Ron W. Bailey, Sourdough Slim, Joey Pipia, JuggleMania, Sourdough Slim, Uncle Bonsai, Armitage Shanks, Poledello, Tanya Brno, Bill Robison, Charly Castors , Della Moustachella, Nu Klezmer Army, Splinter Dance Company, Kevin Kent, Shoehorn, Alex Zerbe, Duo Rendez-vous, Kevin Joyce, Ruby Joyce, Aviatrix, Onlies

Performers at Broadway Performance Hall's Special Sunday 
April 7th 3pm Variete' Matinée

Dr. Calamari & Acrophelia, Duo XY, Frank Olivier, Hacki & Moeppi, Lelavision, Naked Truth, Ron W. Bailey, Saffi Watson, Sourdough Slim, Wang Hong

Libertease Burlesque

Evil Hate Monkey Photo By John Cornicello
Burlesque Performers lineup Broadway Performance Hall week three:

Blanche DeBris, Caela Bailey, Duo Flor de Piel, Duo XY, Frank Olivier, Fuchsia FoXXX, Heavenly Spies, J. Von Stratton, Kevin Joyce, Liza Rose, Luminous Pariah, Moist-ettes Ensemble, Naked Truth, Sydni Deveraux, Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, Evilyn Sin Claire , Polly Wood, Rhys Thomas, Sally Pepper, Shanghai Pearl