February 14, 2014

Own a restaurant? Feed a hungry Moisture Festival Artist!

photo: John Cornicello
Restaurateurs, caterers, chefs, we need you!

Moisture Festival is about creating a community of artists who love to come together in our fair city to present the worlds largest comedy variete festival of this kind.  Every night after the show we come together over a hot meal in our green room to talk about the days shows and hang out together.  It creates a kind of magic that spawns sharing of ideas, flash collaborations between artists who just met, and new routines and variations tried out on stage the very next night.

While we may be a collection of incredibly talented performance artists and musicians, chefs we are not!  We need you, our fantastic Seattle puveyors of all things tasty to help feed the over 200 performers that will come through the festival this year.

Please consider committing to one meal during the festival (or several!). We define one meal as a hot dinner and salad for 90 people.  At least half of the main dish must be vegetarian.  Even if you can only provide part of a meal, we still want to talk with you!  We have a long list of sponsor benefits you'll receive as a thank you including tickets to shows, exposure of your business to our over 12000 patrons, and more.

You can help us in our mission to make the joy and wonder of comedy/varieté accessible and affordable to as wide an audience as possible by providing these performer meals as an in-kind, tax-deductible donation. To feed our hungry artists please email us at info@moisturefestival.org or call us at 206-297-1405

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