March 14, 2014

All-Star Jugglers Provide Serious Entertainment

Juggling life, work and responsibilities is hard. Take a breather, have a drink and watch the pressure be put on these award-winning entertainers at the 2014 Moisture Festival.


Hilby grew up in Berlin but packed his bags when he became a grown-up and traveled across the European continent to Asia. He perfected his art on the road and today calls Ithaca, NY his home. As an intenationally known performer, Hilby has performed at an insane amount of international festivals, six cruise lines, resorts, state fairs and universities across the country.

Hilby's performances are best described as a show without boundaries; Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn't mean you can not be funny. While being an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects as well as countless circus and variety skills (such as unicycling, ropewalking, unsupported ladder, fire manipulations and eating, balancing stunts and the list goes on), he really gets his audience involved and creates magical and hilarious moments through their participation. Poetry in motion, a fusion of epeleptik fit,...yes all that and more...the long and short of it is that you will love this Skinny German Juggle Boy!

Hilby will be at Moisture Festival Week 1 only! For performance dates click here.

Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn is a local, national and international award-winning juggler. He uniquely combines object manipulation, acrobatic dance and quirky comedy. Kellin grew up in St. Louis where his mother runs Circus Harmony, St. Louis' only social circus school. He performs with the St. Louis Arches and trains with acclaimed juggling coach, Richard Kennison. Kellin won the Gold Medal in 2012 in the International Jugglers' Association Junior Championship and took Bronze in the Senior Championships in 2013. He also won two Groundhogs (national juggling competition in Atlanta) and two St. Louis Juggling titles. 

Did I mention he is only 17-years-old?!

To see when Kellin will perform (Week 1 only!) click here.

Don't drop the ball, get your tickets today!

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