January 20, 2015

Group Acts Bring More Life to the Party

They say two heads are better than one, so by that logic, groups of three or five have to be even better, right?! We have a couple of group acts that will be gracing the Palladium stage for the first time ever this year, so come check them out!

Gentile5 Photo by Gary G Thomson Photos
Have you ever been sitting around with your family and thought to yourself, "Maybe we should start juggling each other with our feet!"? I'm not sure that's the exact progression that happened in the Gentile family, but that is some of what you will see when you watch them perform at the 2015 Moisture Festival. Parents Carlo and Orlene have been performing all over the world as a duo, and as can happen when you watch your parents do really fun things, their three children (ages three to eight!) joined in on the party. 

The Gentile5 perform the Risely Antipode, which is defined as "any circus acrobalance posture where the base is lying down on their back, supporting one or more flyers with their hands, feet and/or other parts of the body; spinning a person or object using only one's feet". This act was named for Richard Risely Carlisle, who is noted as the first to perform the act in the Guinness Book of World Records sometime around 1840. The Gentile5 will astound you with these "feets", plus many more tantalizing acrobatics! Check this page for show dates in late February. 

Company Cirque en Deroute
Another new circus group for 2015 is Cirque en Deroute. These eccentric, entertaining clowns use comedic acrobatics to bring laughter and delight to audiences all over the world! In addition to acrobatics, these folks tap, juggle, and even do something they call Tappling. Tap juggling... talk about some serious coordination required! The members of Company Cirque en Deroute strive for "art within clown, clown within life, and life drenched with laughter." You will not want to miss the acrobatic antics of this group, so check here for confirmed performance times in the coming weeks.

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