March 9, 2015

More Great Variety to Choose From!

The Moisture Festival is a variety show, so you never know exactly what you'll see each night. We like to invite all kinds of artists and performers to entertain and exhilarate you, so you know that no matter which show you get tickets for, you'll have an amazing time! Here are a couple of acts to have on your radar this festival season.

Circus Luminescence
Get ready for a psychedelic circus
experience, courtesy of Circus Luminescence! This collaborative group uses glowing and black-light props to bring light and wonder to the stage through the circus arts, and we are deLIGHTed to have them perform at the festival this year. Produced by Eli March and based out of Portland, this group has performed at various fairs and festivals including Oregon Country Fair, Pacific Fire Gathering, Black Sheep Family Reunion and Burning Man. Showtimes are posted, so get your tickets for this innovative circus adventure!

The Incredible Incredible
The Incredible Incredible is a project between Matthew "Poki" McCorkle and Justin Therrien. They've created a full length story, 'Palindrome', featuring various physical comedy such as string manipulation, shoe poi, and finger tricks. Matthew has traveled to various places with his solo shows (including the Moisture stage!), is a co-founder of the physical comedy duo Button Wagon, and an owner/resident at the Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham. He is also a member of Clowns Without Borders. Justin is the world record holder for Longest string passed through nose and mouth in one minute. You'll definitely want to see what this dynamic duo does to bring this full-sized performance to a variety show-sized time slot! Check here for showtimes.

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