June 3, 2016

New Events: The Trongate Tribute to Britannia Panopticon

Moisture Festival is going to Scotland!

The Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow, Scotland is the oldest surviving Music Hall. It is the theater where Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy, first performed in 1906. One element of the festival's mission is to educate the public about the rich history of the variety arts. Music Halls were a major part of that history. To help with this restoration project is the chance of a lifetime.

We have four shows planned in the Panopticon and two other venues - The Oran Mor and The Briggait, the last weekend of Merchant City festival August 4 - 7. It is the hope of the good people of Glasgow and of the folks at Moisture Festival that this will become an annual visit and a wonderful point of connection with the fascinating wild history of Music Hall, Vaudeville and the variety arts!

Seeking funds! We will use the funds to provide transportation for artists (some from North America and some from Europe). The funds will cover per diem for the artists while in Glasgow for 10 days. We will perform in 3 venues while in Glasgow and donate the ticket money to the trust that is in place to restore The Britannia Panopticon! Thank you for any amount you can contribute. Every penny will be used wisely.

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