August 25, 2010

2011 Festival Dates

Can you believe we are already halfway to next year's Moisture Festival?

The 2010 festival was a fantastic success bringing our blend of Variete, Comedy, Burlesque and everything in between to a record five venues in four weeks in the greater Seattle area.

The festival team is hard at work plotting and planning and bringing together all the ingredients for an even more amazing 2011 festival.  We'll keep you posted on all the exciting things we have in store for next year's festival.

Mark your calendars!  The 2011 dates will be March 17th through April 10th.

Well This Is Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into... Ron

I'm lucky because I'm one of a number of people who gets to spend lots of my free time volunteering as a producer and board member for this non profit arts organization known as The Moisture Festival. We are now entering our eight year of existence, in case you haven't noticed.

Time and fruit flies.

When it's Spring time in Seattle it's also time to laugh away the gray winter blues at the Moisture Festival. We begin again with the 2011 version March 17th. Next years festival will run through April 10th, 2011. We work diligently behind the scenes at this very second to make the magic happen again. We are hopeful the Moisture Festival in 2011 will continue to grow and prosper with our uniquely awesome, critically acclaimed genre of comedy, variete and burlesque that our fans expect with the coming of Spring in the Northwest.

The other night at our regular weekly staff meeting a couple of us lackeys thought that it was time the Moisture Festival had a blog of it's own. After some discussion of the pros and cons of having an in house blog, cue the lights and band... Ta Da!

Welcome to the Moisture Festival Blog. Now if we can get some of our very busy and somewhat technologically challenged fellow staff members to get a gmail account and just write something or post a photo once in awhile we may have something here. It's suppose to be sort of our spontaneous meanderings about what going on with the Moisture Festival.

Yes, we hope it will be a place where staff and other folks working on or associated with the festival can post some timely information about what's happening behind the scenes with the Moisture Festival. Okay, it's sort of experiment we admit. The idea I think is for us to provide to you more real time news, happenings, events, and stuff we'd like to get out there immediately to, volunteers, friends, supporters, sponsors, fans and, of course, to those of you who may have never heard of a Moisture Festival.


Danny O'Brien
Associate Producer
twitter: artistdogboy