April 10, 2011

It's Been A Magical Moisture Festival 2011

Crowds were dazzled by acts from around the world. 1000 shifts were filled by spirited volunteers. Bananas, pancakes, and children were juggled. A patron exited the show to give birth. Seriously.

55 shows, 4 weeks, 5 venues and now here we are at Closing Night. Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers our marvelous sponsors, our supporters and our fans. 
Your incredible!

April 7, 2011

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Christopher Phi

Born in and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christopher Phi began theater and gymnastics at the age of 10. He competed in power tumbling throughout high school, twice becoming national champion. Attending Notre Dame de Namur University on a musical theater scholarship, Christopher performed in various musicals and plays as well as trained vigorously in different circus disciplines and dance. Christopher moved to Las Vegas in April of 2005 when he was hired for Franco Dragone’s “Le Reve”, a show at the Wynn Resort in which he performed as a handbalancer, contortionist, aerialist, and dancer for over 5 years. He has been contracted by “Cirque du Soleil” and has frequently appeared on television, most recently the Latin Grammy’s 2009 and a Brandon Flowers music video. Recently returned to the bay area, Christopher enjoys teaching pilates, performing in various corporate events and shows, studying languages, and spending time with his family and friends.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Aerialist Helena Reynolds

From our performer lounge interview series at Hales Brew Pub.

A contemporary dancer aerialist and fitness teacher, Helena Reynolds graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA. She performs in the air sometimes with a partner and even with a group (Aloft, a noted Chicago performance collective). Helena is now concentrating on silks, trapeze, and lyra. Moisture Festival is happy to welcome her for the first time this year. Note: Helena performs on Vashon Island Friday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 3pm and 7:30pm at the Open Space for Arts and Community

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Karen Quest Cowgirl Rope Tricks & Hilby The Skinny German Juggle Boy

From our performer lounge series of interviews at Hale Brew Pub.

As a boy growing up in Berlin, young Hilby exhibited no particular talents other than making funny faces at strangers and, as Hilby himself describes it, "breezing rhythmically." When people began to call him a grown-up he packed up his old kit bag, gave his mom a big kiss on the cheek, and set out on a journey that was to lead him all over the world. Hilby traveled across the European continent to Asia. One of the talents he learned along the way was juggling and from that day forward his social life took a distinct downward turn as countless weeks went by during which he wouldn't listen to anybody but his own inner voice saying, "Come on Hilby, you can do it!" Hilby perfected his art on the road--from his first performance on the famous Islamabad Friday Market to Lhasa, Tibet, from Calcutta to Bangkok,

Born in St. Louis, Missouri Karen Quest was raised in Studio City, California, it surprises no one more than herself that after the 13-year college plan, odd jobs too numerous to mention and a foray into circus life, Karen has been blazing a trail with her one-woman Vaudeville-style comedy Western act, "Cowgirl Tricks". Karen trained at the Dell' Arte School of Physical Theater, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College and The San Francisco School of Circus Arts, where she is also an instructor.

Moisture Festival Performer Frank Olivier Juggles 1.8 Million Volts Of Stunguns While Riding High Unicycle In Seattle Times Video

Frank Olivier can be seen at the Moisture Festival on Vashon Island this Saturday in shows at 3pm and 7:30pm.  Frank developed his unique offbeat brand of humor in San Francisco's comedy clubs. He was soon sharing the bill with Dana Carvey, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and others. New York producers spotted his talents, and quickly signed him. He performed his act for the next three years in the Broadway hit show 'Sugar Babies'. Olivier has a growing number of television appearances including The Tonight Show, Comic Strip Live, and shows for PBS, HBO, BBC, Disney and more. He also headlines Las Vegas, comedy and theater festivals, and performs countless corporate shows.

Moisture Festival Performer Wang Hong Featured in Seattle Times Video

The amazing Chinese antipodis (foot balancer) Wang Hong can be seen this weekend at the Moisture Festival Shows on Vashon Island at the Open Space for Arts and Community. Tickets are available on line or at the box office one hour before the show. Wang Hong’s name translates into English as “rainbow” and the spectrum of talents that she employs in her performance are as beautiful and delicate as that ephemeral play of light. She was raised in the cold, far northeast province of Jain on China’s border with the Soviet Union. At 10 years of age she started training as a gymnast but began her performance career as a dancer. She worked in North America with the famed Tandy Beal Dance Theater company and the New Pickle Circus under Tandy's direction and with the Cirque du Soleil.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Avner The Eccentric

Avner Eisenberg was one a handful of 1970s street performers who took their acts into theaters and, along with the Flying Karamazov Brothers and others, gave birth to the New Vaudeville movement. Even in those early days, this Georgia-born clown was recognized by other performers as wise beyond his years. He helped them to consider what it was they were doing onstage and how they went about doing it. After obtaining a BA degree in theater at the University of Washington in 1971 he took further training with Jacques Lecoq in Paris and then with Carlo Mazzone Clementi in California. Avner acknowledges a debt to these two masters who helped to give him direction: “Lecoq, taught me everything I know and Carlo taught me the rest” and he repaid that debt by doing the same for many of us for many years. Along with top theater credits (his one-man show was a hit of the 1984-85 Broadway season and was followed by rave reviews as he toured America and European theaters), the big screen (he co-starred with Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny Divito in the film Jewel of the Nile) and small screen (many TV shows worldwide) Avner was recently inducted into the International Clown Hall of Fame. You can see Avner at Hales Palladium on April 7th, 8th and 10th and on Vashon Island at the Open Space for Arts and Community April 9th

April 5, 2011

Moisture Festival Producer Interview: Festival Founder Ron W. Bailey

There are many people whose hard work and creativity makes the Moisture Festival happen but there is one without whom it wouldn't have been an option. Ron W. Bailey is an entertainer, band leader, singer, songwriter, and a Maker. He makes things happen. His visit to one of Berlin's two Comedy/Varietè festivals in the 1990s inspired the Moisture Festival's creation and unique contribution to Seattle's musical and theatrical landscape.

April 4, 2011

Seattle Channel Profiles Artist Bill Robison

Seattle's own Nancy Guppy gets up close and personal with physical comedian Bill Robison on ArtZone with Nancy Guppy. Catch Bill's last show at this year's Moisture Festival on April 8th at Open Space on Vashon Island.

April 3, 2011

Moisture Festival Billboards Or Are They Virtual Public Works Of Art You Decide

It's a bird it's a plane, it's a 50 foot tall Indigo Blue and Frank Olivier. See Frank Olivier at the Vashon Open April 8th and 9th. Thank you ClearChannel and Duo Rose, Indigo Blue and Frank Olivier for being so photogenic and Ron W. Bailey design.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: The Porcelain Promenade

A nouveau burlesque act based in Seattle an created by and featuring Evilyn Sin Claire and Belle Cozette. The soothing sounds of a waltz begin to delight the ear. Lights raise softly and two elegant women in shimmering dressing gowns glide onto the stage. But what is it they are dancing with? Why, it's glittering, rhinestoned thrones they waltz with. Or is it? As the lights come full on, and the fine ladies spin and twirl towards the audience, we see the truth...their dancing partners are bejeweled commodes.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: The Fantastic Cabaret Superstar Vocalist Lady Rizo

Though it is rumored that she is the product of a night of unrestrained indulgence between Peggy Lee, Mel Brooks, Nina Simone, Dean Martin and Janis Joplin the truth is Lady Rizo was raised by theatrical gypsies with the highest show business ethics. When she almost looked of age she rebelled against the unscrubbed rustic life and set out for a world of metropolitan sophisticates. The 'Cabaret Superstar' (New York Magazine) exploded on to the New York stage with a powerful voice and stage charisma that has made audiences take note. The chantuese and commedienne revives the cabaret genre by creating vintage arrangements of pop songs of 80s, 90s and today. Lady Rizo (nee Amelia Zirin-Brown) co-created the cult caburlesque spectacular Lady Rizo and the Assettes in 2005. In January 2010 she won her first Grammy on a duet with acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

April 2, 2011

Moisture Festival Audience Reviews: Georgetown Shows Rock

Moisture Festival Audience Reviews: Heavy On the Like Button

An audience member at Georgetown show last night. Okay they think we're swell, and we have the best audience in Seattle.Go wild why don't you!

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Juggler Extraordinaire Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson shows that it is possible to redefine juggling without sacrificing technique.Whether manipulating 1 club or 5, using hands, feet or face; his juggling is laid-back yet dynamic, understated but surprising. The musicality of his juggling is underscored by a virtuous piano soundtrack: starting radically modern and ending on a classical high note. In his performance the music is an equal partner to the performer.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Two Members Of the Splinter Dance Group

Splinter Dance Company's mission is to extend thought-provoking dance performances to a broad range of audiences; making dance accessible to the public using site-specific work as well as maintaining artistically current theatrical works for paying audiences. Our work is technical, diverse, and interactive. As dancers and human beings, we aim to splinter the perception of everyday life and provide the viewer with dance that questions the scope of each human's experiences.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: German Comedy Variete' Legend Hacki GInda

Hacki was living in West Berlin on the day that the Berlin Wall came down. He went, that day, into the East looking for a place to open a Varieté theater. Working with partners he created there what many performers agree was the heartbeat of the revival of this form of entertainment. His inventions, innovations and insanity helped to attract a younger audience to witness these ancient arts. As the genius clown at the center of the scene he elevated laughter to its proper place in the scheme of things. We are so proud to have him return to the festival that he helped inspire and then helped us to build.

April 1, 2011

Moisture Festival Photographers Take Fabulous Photos

2011 Moisture Festival Photographers John Cornicello, Michelle Bates, and Mark Gardiner talk about their experiences covering the festival.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey

Baltimore's Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey are an award-winning, acrobatic burlesque superduo who have been making fun sexy and sexy fun since 2002. Described as "smart, funny and dumb in all the best ways", this talented twosome has flipped-n-stripped on "The Gong Show with Dave Attel," have opened for John Waters, are the winners of the 2006 Exotic World Best Burlesque Duo trophy and are regular late night fixtures in New York City, Baltimore and beyond.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Bill Robison

Bill Robison's performances are a synthesis of outlandish comedy, an elastic face, a penchant for the absurd and a reckless sense of abandon. He has been touring internationally as a solo artist and with the highly acclaimed comedy duo "The Shneedles" with their show "Luggage" They have also performed in numerous comedy festivals and German Variety theaters. Bill has toured extensively as a solo act to fairs and festivals across the US and Canada for over 20 years, where he has been the warm-up act for over 150 concerts including Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and many, many more.

Moisture Festival Families Love Our Family Friendly Shows

Family Friendly Mositure Festival shows take place at Hales this weekend Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm and 3pm Matinées on both days. ACT Theatre's Grand Variete'show on Sunday is totally Family friendly with a 3pm Matinée and 7:30pm evening show. So grab the kids and some popcorn and join the laugh riot.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Stefan Haves Comedy Variete Host Performer And Impresario

Stefan Haves directed the world-renowned dinner/circus Teatro Zinzanni and is Cirque Du Soleil’s North American "Clown Scout," responsible for casting clowns, conducting workshops, and assistant directing the 2007 touring show in the areas of acting and clowns. He was also creative consultant for the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit "Fool Moon" starring the “Clown Prince” Bill Irwin and David Shiner, long a featured performer with Cirque Du Soleil. Haves’ education includes Dell'Arte’ School of Mime and Comedy and the “school of hard knocks” as a juggler and street clown in Paris.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Rod Ferrone Magnificent Hoofer

Rod Ferrone has received critical acclaim worldwide for his unique blend of tap dance, comedy, song and hat tricks. He was 1/2 of the critically acclaimed tap/comedy duo Hot Foot. His company Feet 2 the Beat has also received high praise from audiences and critics alike. He was featured in several groundbreaking tap shows including “Urban Tap” (Broadway), “Cool Heat Urban Beat” (world tour), and “Camut Band” (Europe). He is a veteran of the Reel to Real series at Lincoln Center, having performed in tributes to Jimmy Durante, James Cagney, Donald O’Connor and Ray Bolger.

Moisture Festival Performer Interviews: Johnny Fox

Johnny Fox is a legendary character among street performers, circus folk and the like. He's a New York City illusionist, lecturer, story teller and a famed sword swallower. Many of this generation of street performers learned their chops watching this remarkable man turn passers by into an audience and then hold them. We're honored to have Johnny Fox attend Seattle's Moisture Festival.

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