January 12, 2011

Jason Webley, The Bobs, and Baby Gramps

What would the Moisture Festival be without music?! The festival would be a sad, sad circus tent indeed without the sounds and energy of the amazing musicians who come to play with us. To start off the list this year (and there will be so many more!), are these three returning favorites:

The Grammy-nominated Bobs are serious show business and four funny humans who take their music seriously. They're the world's only new wave a cappella singers, and with a 25 year history, boast over a dozen albums, and a DVD documentary: Sign My Snarling Dog. Moisture Festival is always pleased to have these insanely talented artists take the stage. Check out this video for a sneak peek at phenomenon that is The Bobs and browse their website for more audio and video clips.

Jason Webley is an enigmatic combination of folk, gypsy, punk, and everything in between. Jason has now released five full length albums including one that the Seattle Times called "One of the best Seattle CDs of the year". A prolific collaborative artist Jason has recorded and toured extensively with fellow songwriters most recently in Seattle with his Monsters of Accordion tour. You can currently find him traveling the country with his unique brand of sometimes bizarre, sometimes playful and always soulful poetry. We can't wait for his train to make a stop at the festival. Take a listen to this clip and more on his website.

According to an article in the special issue City of Music in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Baby Gramps is acknowledged as one of the top 50 most influential musicians in the last 100 years. He is credited with making audiences aware of old blues and novelty songs that the rest of the world has mostly forgotten. Playing an acoustic antique National Steel guitar, he sings his own unique arrangements of rags, jazz, & blues songs from the 20's & 30's and many originals with wordplay, humor, and throat singing. Gramps is a high energy humorously entertaining performer with an endless repertoire. Check out this clip on his website and join us at the festival for more!

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