January 25, 2011

More Burlesque 2011 Line-Up: Ernie Von Smaltz, Iva Handful, Evilyn Sin Claire & Belle Cozette, Heavenly Spies, Aviatrix, and City Circus

We just can't get enough stunning burlesque artists in the Libertease tent. These acclaimed performers will join the 2011 line-up:

Ernie Von Smaltz is a ladies man. "I really enjoy treating the ladies to a real man; a real man that can perform. You ladies like a man that can perform, dontcha?" He can be seen performing, seducing women and taking off his clothes all over Seattle including The Pink Door, Columbia City Cabaret, Theatre Off Jackson, The ReBar, The Rendezvous and what used to be Leilani Lanes (a moment of silence please - RIP). He's been entertaining the women publicly since the middle of 2005, but has been satisfying in private since the beginning of time. Website.

New to Moisture Festival this year, Iva Handful says that she is Rock n Roll Burlesque and assures us that the person you see on stage is not so much a stage character as she herself -- "pure me - unedited". She tells us that, in addition to her love of dance she takes pleasure in doing accounting. Please insert bookkeeping joke of your choice here.

Evilyn Sin Claire & Belle Cozette will reprise last year's hit performance of “The Porcelain Promenade”. These ladies take the ladies' room to new heights, making the privy pretty with their can-can in the can. Evilyn is a burlesque starlett who performers classic, comedy and theatrical bump 'n' grind with Sinner Saint Burlesque at the Noc Noc every Thursday. She's also a second generation belly dancer (by the name of Laura Rose) who teaches private and group classes at VDP Studio in the Fremont neighborhood. Belle has been performing burlesque in and around the Seattle area for over four years. With extensive classical music training and natural grace, her performances include vintage cabaret and burlesque dance movements topped off with captivating facial expressions, gorgeous costuming and slapstick humor. Myspace.

The Heavenly Spies made their mark in the Neo-Burlesque movement as winners at the 2007 Miss Exotic World Pageant and have continued to wow sold-out audiences with their special blend of contemporary dance and the art of tease. Known for their death-defying high kicks and gravity-defying hair, members of The Heavenly Spies include creator Fae Phalen, AKA Agent Rhinestone, Honey Sexpot, Kimberly Galore, Nightingale Noir and Cobra Kai. Their combined specialties include fishing for clues, fishnets, venom tolerance and vodka tolerance! Myspace.

And to raise the bar (or tissue) even further, we are pleased to welcome Moisture new comers City Circus and the return of Aviatrix. Both Aviatrix and City Circus will perform at Burlesque and Variete shows.

Aviatrix aerial artists Esther Edelman, Martha Enson, Cathy Sutherland and Carri Andersen returning to the festival this year to perform their remarkable "triple trap" in Burlesque shows at ACT. The group, comprised of members from Seattles' Aerialistas, The Velones and Silk Aerial, will also perform at select Variete shows.

Sasha Harrington and Chloe Gordon-Murer are San Francisco based performers, with the troupe City Circus. They create doubles aerial acts on tissue, rope, hoop and straps, as well as work as an acrobatic duo on the ground. Their work is a dynamic and original combination of traditional and contemporary circus, moving from the floor to the air and back.

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