March 21, 2011

Key Volunteers Are What Make The Moisture Festival So Darn Successful

Moisture Festival has so many wonderful and talented volunteers. It's a shame we can't show you all of them in this post. Short of that, here are a few of the great people who are behind the scenes doing the work that makes the Moisture Festival a success.

Christina Bruce is our artist's liaison maven. Christina monitors performer contracts and venue check-in among many other related duties. She is also in charge of festival laminates that help us keep the backstage secure and staff clearly identified.  She's also an excellent person when it comes to modeling one of this year's new Moisture Festival tank top tee designs. Whoo-hoo!

 A Moisture Festival travels on it's stomach and so it's a good thing that Jen Brownlie heads up the Moisture Festival Food Babes. That means that Jen is in charge of feeding and coordinating the food for our performers and staff and serving them their daily meal. Dinner for ninety is just another day at the office for Jen during the festival. She is in charge of our many lovely food babes and dudes who serve food and maintain the Green Room snacks for performers. Jenn also organizes the menus for our opening night Gala and for other festival celebrations.

 The lovely Robin Worley is Moisture Festival's Madame Merch and is directly responsible in that capacity for handling the festival's entire merchandise operation. Robin is an original charter volunteer who been supporting Moisture Festival since the very begining. Her dedication to the job and expertise have helped turn merchandise into a growing revenue stream for the Festival. Robin would be overjoyed if you stopped by the merchandise booth at one of the venues and spent a minute checking out all the groovy items we have for sale. Especially the large variety of new tee shirts and tank top designs we created for the 201l season. 


  1. Fun photos! Can I come and take some, too?

  2. Oh, wait. I already did. Volunteers and performers at

    Itchin' for Wednesday to arrive for more...