March 25, 2011

This Weekend at Moisture's Libertease Burlesque

Do we have a hot weekend lines up for you? You bet! Check out these tantalizing and talented artists of the tease who will grace the stage at ACT - A Contemporary Theatre this weekend for Moisture Festival's Libertease Burlesque.

This year we present to you "burlesque from all angles" in the beautiful Allen Theatre which is "in the round". Performing this Friday and Saturday: Aviatrix, Aviatrix Ground Crew, Blanche DeBris, Daredevil Chicken Club, Ernie Von Smaltz, Inga Ingénue, Iva Handfull, Kevin Kent, Lily Verlaine, Lo-Lo Flamingo, Luminous Pariah, Madame X , Nich Galzin, Ron W. Bailey, Rose Nisker, Zebra Kings

Get advance tickets HERE.

Visit our web page for the full festival schedule include even more burlesque next weekend! The festival runs through April 10th in five venues. Please see our website for more information on this year's festival.

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