January 5, 2012

New Zealand's World Famous Rubberband Boy On Schedule For 2012 Moisture Festival

"Mr. Horay is recognized as a performer who is at the top of his craft as a world-renowned varietè performer. Simply put he is an international star in his own right. His act demonstrates an exception degree of originality and his extraordinary creativity." Shelly Switzer - Artistic Producer Edmonton International Street Performers Festival 
After successfully navigating the twists and turns of the US Customs and Immigration Service's "extraordinary ability" performer work visa application process The Moisture Festival is proud to announce New Zealand's very own Shay Horay, "The World Famous Rubberband Boy" will be coming to entertain you during the 2012 Moisture festival.

Rubberband Boy’s special ability for facial contortion and pogo stick straight jacket escapology have been viewed in 20 countries including the World Buskers Festival (NZ), Glastonbury Festival (UK) Street Performers World Championships in Ireland and New Zealand representative at "The World Gurning Championships" Japan. The holder of The Guinness World Record for Rubberbands on his face. Rubberband Boy is so funny he should have been twins! A master of comedy, acrobatics and an act of escapology unparalleled worldwide.  

The Rubberband Boy, Man or Monster? You decide!