December 16, 2011

New Shiftboard System Makes Volunteering For Moisture Festival Easy Streamlined And Fun

The Moisture Festival is delighted to announce that it will be using a new system for organizing, scheduling and assigning volunteers. A daunting task when you consider that Moisture Festival normally schedules over 1000 shifts for its volunteers during the festival's run. The system known as shiftboard is now operational. If you are or wish to become a Moisture Festival volunteer you should sign-up here, register and start to set up your profile page then look around and get a feel for the system. One of the great features of the system is it is available 24/7. So volunteers can schedule themselves to available shifts anytime it's convenient for them to do so and directly from any computer.

The wonderful people who created the shiftboard software system have been kind enough to donate the use of the system to the Moisture Festival this year. The Moisture Festival system has been set up through the hard work and leadership of volunteer guru Monica Hinckley, who also coordinates volunteers for One Reel and The Seattle International Film Festival. Hinckley also says that shiftboard has made a huge difference compared to what the volunteer coordinator’s job has traditionally been. “Typically, managers had to ask the volunteer coordinator to schedule shifts for them,” she explained, “but now we have team managers on our shiftboard site, each of whom can schedule and communicate directly with their volunteers any time of day.”

Shiftboard integrates volunteer group communication, availability, web-based recruiting, and reporting. The online system works using designated teams of volunteers. Once a volunteer is registered with the Moisture Festival online shiftboard system they can use it to schedule their availability for a team posted on the shiftboard calendar. The available shifts are posted to calendar by the volunteer coordinator, team leaders and staff and can be updated in real time. Registered shiftboard festival volunteers then can join teams and confirm shifts they want to work that have been created by volunteer coordinators, team leaders and staff. The system is also an important tool for shiftboard based email and message communication between volunteers, coordinators and team leaders.

Volunteers Are Needed For Our New Year's Eve Party
The Moisture Festival is current looking for volunteers for teams to work our annual New Year's Eve Party and Fund-raiser. So if you're interested in volunteering please sign in and/or register on Moisture Festival's shiftboard, and go to the calendar to see what shifts are available. If you don't see any shifts on the calendar for December 31st it's because you have not signed up for one of teams needed that day. If you want to join one of the NYE teams you can sent a message request to be included on the teams needed by clicking on find more/add teams above the calendar.

There are a number of "teams" that will be employed during by the Moisture Festival, they include Box Office, Door Babe/Dude, Drivers, Food Babe/Dude, Office, Security, and Theater Builders and other teams we've created to fit our volunteer job needs. A particular team's shift schedule can be seen on an the volunteer's online "shiftboard calendar".
If you have a questions about using shiftboard or volunteering for the Moisture Festival you can also contact us by email at 

Thank you Moisture Festival volunteers!

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