December 7, 2011

Yo-Yos, Bubbles, and Fireflies!

Concocting another fun and magical combination, Moisture Festival welcomes these new and returning artists to the 2012 line up:

The Yo Yo People hold a Guinness World Record, the 2008 Yo-Yo World Champion title, and that's just the beginning of this high energy duos worldwide fame. Performing in over 20 countries, John and Rebecca have made an entire show out of yo-yos. Yo-yos attached to bouncy balls, yo-yos with 10-foot strings, and multiple yo-yos looping while hula hooping and unicycling are just some of their finely tuned feats. Seen on the Late Show with David Letterman, at Walt Disney World, and on Discovery Channel and PBS, this will be their first visit to the Moisture Festival.

Festival favorite Tom Noddy returns this year with his unique brand of Bubble Magic. Tom has done something unique in show business ... he created a new kind of act. Manipulating the simple soap bubble into fantastic creations, Tom has initiated a series of "Bubble Festivals" at science centers across America and now in several European cities (he says that he knows a good bit about the physics of soap films but admits and he's funnier than he is smart). Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic is, of course, a hit with kids but when presented to adult audiences ... well, this is what the New York Times said recently: “The Bubble Guy, Tom Noddy, made his jaded adult audience literally gasp with beautiful constructions made entirely of soap bubbles."

Kamikaze Fireflies pairs Rob Williams (remember the baloney sandwich? yes,the footy one!) with with the delightful and frightening Casey Martin, sometimes billed as Super Spacey Casey. Together they promise to "bludgeon audiences with wit, crush them with whimsey, and tear them a new laugh hole". We can't wait to see what kinds of craziness they have in store for Moisture Festival 2012.

Tickets for all Moisture Festival 2012 events including including our New Year's Eve and Valentine's fundraiser parties are now on sale at Brown Paper Tickets.

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