August 21, 2012

Moisture Festival Favorites NANDA Open West Coast Tour Of 'The Jacket' In Seattle This October

The NANDA Legend Tour opens at Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle October 5th through 7th. Tickets will be available soon.

                  October 5th – 7th – Seattle, WA – Broadway Performance Hall

October 12th – Langley, WA - South Whidbey Performing Arts Center

October 13th – Port Angeles, WA – High School Theater

October 20th – Vancouver, Canada – Kae Meeke Center

October 27th – Orcas Island, WA – Orcas Center

October 28th – Friday Harbor, WA – San Juan Community Theater

November 1st – Hood River, OR – Middle School Theater

November 2nd - 4th – Eugene, OR – Lane Community College Theatre

November 9th – Medford, OR – Craterian Theatre

November 30th – December 9th – North Hollywood, CA – El Portal

Characterized by a calculated chaos of comedy, high-energy kung-faux fighting, and irreverent pop-culture parodies, NANDA has been performing original action packed theater based shows since 2004.  Also utilizing dance, juggling, and acrobatics, NANDA performances are a mishmash of traditional theater, vaudeville, circus and modern live entertainment innovation. 

'The Jacket' is first independently produced full-length theater show by NANDA!!
Teeming with juggling, acrobatics and martial arts, “THE JACKET” combines comedy and irreverent pop-culture references for an entirely original performance. The show features a cutting edge cinematic soundtrack, as well as tightly integrated video projections and digital animations - all the while borrowing from circus, vaudeville, and classic western theater traditions. This panoply of stylistic influences is propelled by an epic story, replete with ancient mystics, kung-faux ninjas, robots, lasers, and a myriad of other action movie oddities.  The result is not only a show that is truly unique, but one that strongly resonates with all of the mainstream entertainment phenomena that it deftly parodies.

The four performing members of NANDA grew up together in Port Townsend, WA and within the supportive environment cultivated there, developed a vision of limitless creative expression free of predefined labels, which has become an ideal for an entirely new and unique idea of performance art.   Using this idea of “acrobaticalism” as a window to the world, NANDA has invented material gaining inspiration everywhere from cinema and pop-culture icons to rock music and even cartoons. 

This explode-out-of-the-box mentality has inspired extensive explorations into a variety of other avenues, including live video projection, animation and sound.  Nearly every second of the action being performed is accompanied by a tightly integrated cinematic sound track making the show a visceral audio/visual blast.  This full sensory experience along with the high degree of physicality used to convey the action make NANDA shows accessible not only to audiences of virtually any age or background, but also of any language or nationality.

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