August 12, 2012

Moisture Performer Bob Venezia's Hauntingly Beautiful And Award Winning Video 'Pieces of The Fair'

Pieces of the Fair (or How I Patched the Hole in My Heart Where the Fun Forest Used To Be) from Bob V on Vimeo.

Pieces of the Fair" was awarded the Critics Choice Grand Prize at the Stacked Video Contest which is held in conjunction with the Capitol Hill Block Party. These time-lapse sequences record the carnival's transition from day to night and are set to the haunting music of Gina Leishman.

The movie is dedicated to the memory of Drew Keriakedes and Joe Albanese.

When Bob Venezia is not creating beautiful and award winning videos like this one he can often be found performing at the Moisture Festival in the persona of Alfredo Fettuccini.

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