December 2, 2013

Festival Tickets Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

'Tis the Season!  ...for Moisture Festival!  Tickets for the 2014 Moisture Festival are now on sale and make for very happy friends and family wrapped up under the tree!

This year Moisture Festival ticketing has a new look care of Stranger Ticketing.  If  you are an old hand at buying your Moisture Festival tickets, there are just a few changes this year.  You can now buy tickets for multiple venues all in one shopping cart.  You can also flip through our Calendar, and link to the exact day you want to purchase.  If  you prefer to purchase tickets over the phone call Stranger Ticketing at 888-377-1405.

We won't have performers listed by show until much closer to the festival, but part of the fun of Moisture Festival is never quite knowing what to expect! So throw the dice, choose a day, and join us for an evening of laughter, fun, and spectacle!

Early Bird discount for Week 1 shows if you purchase early!


  1. BUT, you are no longer able to purchase tickets in person ANYWHERE (that I have been able to find)!!!!!

  2. Yes, unfortunately Stranger Ticketing does not operate any locations to buy tickets in person. We hope in the future they will, but for now if you would prefer the phone instead of online you can get tickets by calling 888-377-4501.

    1. I prefer in person, so I may not go to the Moisture Festival this year or give tickets as Christmas presents.

    2. If it's the physical tickets you prefer, so that you can have the tickets in hand, then you can choose that option when you select your tickets and they will be mailed to you.
      Sorry we can't bring you the hands-on ticket experience you have had in the past, but changing ticketing systems allows Moisture Festival to grow our festival and free up resources to bring you the best festival possible.