December 5, 2013

Moisture Festival Benefit Show for the Experimental Education Unit

November 17th, Moisture Festival hosted a special benefit show for the kids and families of the Experimental Education Unit (EEU).  "The goal of the classroom programs at the Experimental Education Unit is to provide a positive educational experience to children with diverse abilities in a setting that enhances the strengths and supports the needs of all the children in our program."

Moisture Festival created a unique matinee variete show for the families of EEU students while James Schmidt of Pecado Bueno provided underwriting support and a scrumptious taco bar that made kids of all ages happy.

All admissions proceeds from the event benefited the EEU. Through ticket sales and donations, this special event raised over $2400 for the EEU.

A huge shout-out and thank you to James and Pecado Bueno for underwriting this fantastic event, and a very happy holiday to our friends at the EEU and all the kids and families they help.

Photos from top to bottom: Bill Robison, the kid's carpet at Hale's Palladium, and Duo Rendez-Vous.  Photos from Jeremy Johnsen.

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