November 21, 2017

Why Does Moisture Festival Need Money?

Year end giving is what brings festival to life. Now is the time we need funds to build the 2018 festival as we dive into the front-end costs of producing this unique event.

Thanks to our generous community, Moisture Festival is able to showcase over 250 performers per season.  We are able to attract these top-notch performers because our festival is unique and creates a magical community.  For our performers it’s a chance to reconnect with old friends, find mentors, and inspire the next generation. 

Where else in the world today do you see such a range of talent presented in such a friendly and fun atmosphere?  Where else can a family enjoy an evening of live entertainment for the cost of a blockbuster movie night?  Stages such as ours provide many children’s first and sometimes only live stage entertainment experience.  Our festival runs on a shoestring budget supported by volunteer labor and with carefully stewarded donations which have enabled us to operate in the black now for fourteen years.

Tickets pay for only half of the operating costs of our show.  We keep our overhead low thanks to our over 250 volunteers who donate over 5,000 hours to us each year to help produce our shows.  During festival our STAR donors help pay off the festival bills each spring, and then our auction provides necessary expenses for the following season.  Our October 27th Auction was a success. Although just shy of our goal we are able to bring on 2018 festival now!

Funds we earn now and by the end of the year allow us to host the Moisture Festival Monday evening lecture series.  One pledge at $1,000 will bring that full lecture series to our community for free.  That same level gift would pay for new aerial mats and rigging.  We borrow mats and rigging now from friends and gyms.  It’s time we own the safest mats available for our stellar aerial artists.  $750 pays for lighting equipment rental for the entire season.  $500 buys two West Coast performers’ airfares.  Other costs include stage improvements, food and beverage supplements for our Meal Sponsor hot meals, and we still need 150 comfortable chairs for the audience.  $50 buys two new chairs!

Join as a Friends of the Festival sustaining member!  $15/month gets you into the monthly giving club.  Feel good all year!

Take a moment to remember some of the favorite acts you’ve seen on our stages.  If you and your family make end of year charitable giving contributions, consider supporting your local arts community.  The more money we are able to raise before year-end dictates how many artists we are able to bring to you for your laughing pleasure.  End of year gifts now help pay for travel and visa expenses for overseas artists, pays for rigging upgrades.  You can make the difference.  Send your checks to PO Box 17484, Seattle WA, 98127.  Or, call the office and ask to speak with Cheryl Angle (206) 297-1405 about your gift.  Thank you!

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