February 15, 2013

Dr. Patch Adams to Bring Humor & Health to Moisture Festival

"Humor & Health", Monday April 1st, 7:30pm
Dr. Patch Adams, one of today's most inspirational medical authorities and powerful medical social activists, will present "Humor & Health"at Moisture Festival April 1st at 7:30pm.  In this funny and inspirational lecture Patch discusses his 30+ years of clowning experience and looks at the relationship between humor and the health of the individual, community or society.

Patch is both a medical doctor and a clown, but he is also a social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America's health care system, a system which he describes as expensive and elitist.  He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process and therefore true health care must incorporate such life.

 "Extraordinary! One man I can look up to and respect," "Incredibly mind blowing and memorable," and "Incredibly inspiring, amazing human being, invaluable to hear him first hand" are among the words heard from participants after experiencing Patch Adams, the real person behind the hit movie Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams.

While it may be  April Fools Day, we'll have the real Patch on the Palladium stage - no joke!

Click HERE for tickets.  Choose 4/1 from the list for Patch.

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