February 14, 2013

Festival Show to Benefit Hands For a Bridge

Moisture Festival is very dedicated to giving back to the generous community we are a part of in Seattle.  Each year we choose several shows in which a portion of ticket sales is donated directly to a community 501(c)3 organization. 

Moisture Festival is pleased to announce the Saturday, March 23rd, 3:00pm matinee show will benefit Hands for a Bridge which provides high school youth with opportunities to explore issues surrounding social justice in their local, regional and international communities.

One of the accomplishments of HFB is an established class in the daily schedule at Roosevelt High School. Hands for a Bridge is not solely about travel; it is about dialogue, how express and, more importantly, how to listen. Students meet daily as scholars, artists, teachers and activists. The course focuses on aspects of social justice, using the arts and literature as lenses through which critical questions may be examined.

All funds raised will go to giving Seattle area high school students the opportunity to engage with students from South Africa and Northern Ireland, regions where the history of oppression and civil strife has impeded essential dialogue between traditionally separated groups. HFB does not travel to these regions to teach, or to “show the way.” America has its own difficult history of institutional segregation. Our students travel abroad to learn, to form questions and to participate in dialogue that helps to promote peace and understanding. Students raise their own funds to support travel to these destinations and the HFB Foundation raises money to support the exchange to Seattle for our resource-poor communities in South Africa and Northern Ireland. This component of HFB is equal to, if not more valuable than, our travel there as they help bring the dialogue to our schools, to become our bridge.  The HFB Foundation works to enhance the program so that it’s not simply a travel opportunity for students, but an investment in deep dialogue, personal growth and lasting social change. 

HFB 10 year Anniversary Movie

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