February 18, 2013

Moisture Festival performers pull a little high jinx at The Neptune

Last Friday, our dear friends from Leftover Salmon played their first concert in Seattle in a very long time.  Many of the Moisture Festival performers and producers have a long history of trading pranks and shenanigans with this group of extraordinary musicians.  We simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to once again make a splash.  Members of one of our Moisture Festival bands, The Sancapators,  gathered to create a small marching band.  Thanks go to Heather Weihl for pulling that part together.   Moisture Festival producers, Katherine Bragdon and Rhonda Sable, led the band - Mardi Gras style - complete with costumes and parasols, up on to the stage in the middle of the first set.  The Cheshire Cat grin on the band members faces was our payoff.  The "boys" joined in, playing along with the marching band and we welcomed our friends back to Seattle - vaudeville style!  Then we spent the rest of the evening joyfully dancing and grooving to this incredible band.  Sooo much fun!!!