February 5, 2015

Fabulous Festival Favorites!

There are some acts that we just love to see return to the festival each year! If you've missed any of these performers before, you can stop kicking yourself and get your tickets now for their 2015 festival performances. The comedic antics of these three performers will have you oooohing, ahhhhing, and making any other sounds of excitement you tend to make when you see impressive feats of physical comedy and dexterous skill.

Henrik Bothe

Henrik Bothe was born in Denmark, but luckily for us, he had access to The Ed Sullivan show. The plate-spinning act set his brain a-spinning, and he began practicing, much to the dismay of his mother's dishes. This led him down the path of performing arts, and he has expanded his abilities beyond plate-spinning to include juggling, balancing, and even escaping a straightjacket WHILE riding a unicycle! Once, he even performed a juggling act on "A Prairie Home Companion". You wouldn't want to miss a performer who is so good that they wanted him to juggle on a radio show! Show dates and times will be posted in late February here.

Lindsay Benner photo by John Cornicello

An act that manages to be both charming and wildly impressive is the talented Lindsay Benner. After receiving her BFA in acting, she continued crafting her talents and expanding her horizons to include solo variety acts. Lindsay has performed at various festivals, college campuses, on television programs such as The Tonight Show and has even appeared in movies! Her unique brand of comedy, juggling, and bringing happiness to audiences all over the world is a must-see. The schedule of performances will soon be updated here, so check back to make sure you get tickets for one of her shows!

Bill Robison

Bill Robison is another fascinating festival favorite that we've enjoyed watching over the years. His high-energy antics will delight everyone in your party, young and old alike. Comedy is an art form, and Bill is certainly an artist! He's been working on bringing laughter and fun to audiences for over 25 years, and some of those audiences have been right here at Hale's Palladium. You may have seen him outside before the festival in his Floaty Boat, playing songs on the ukelele while floating around in his canoe, but if not, check out the video below! You can see Bill's performance schedule on the Moisture stage posted here in late February.

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