February 10, 2015

When Half Is Just as Good as a Whole

Some of our acts are going for double duty... being on-stage as a duo, then also performing solo. You will love them together and separately, so make sure not to miss any of these stellar acts at the 2015 Moisture Festival!

Raspyni Brothers photo by John Cornicello

The Raspyni Brothers have been delighting audiences with their hilarious antics for decades, opening for various music and comedic acts, appearing on "The Tonight Show", and have even been awarded World Juggling Champions four times! These unrelated siblings are masterful at taking everyday objects and turning them into interesting, flying objects. They will return this year, so check the list of their show dates right here in the coming weeks. As you can see from this photo, you may even get a chance to be part of the show!

Dan Holzman photo by Mark Gardiner

 One-half of the Raspyni Brothers is Dan Holzman, and we know his solo performance will be a whole lot of fun! He has been juggling since childhood, and has spent some time juggling all kinds of objects. When asked once about what unusual props he has used in a routine, his answer was, "a blowgun, battleaxe, and a head of cabbage." Dan is also in the Guinness Book of World Records, and you may have seen a younger version of him in the 1974 cult classic film "It's Alive!" With so many talents, it's hard to say exactly what he'll bring to the stage this year. Check for his showtimes here later this month.

Kamikaze FireFlies photo by Michelle Bates

Back in 2012, Kamikaze FireFlies wowed our Moisture Festival audience by crowd-surfing the audience in large plastic bubbles. We never know quite what they'll do next, but we do know it is always a good time! The dynamic duo of Rob Williams and Casey Martin will knock your socks off, even if you aren't wearing socks! They have both been involved with performing for delighted audiences for years, so check here to see what dates they will be on the Moisture Festival stage.

Rob Williams photo by John Cornicello

When not performing as a part of the Kamikaze FireFlies, Rob Williams can also be found doing solo performances. The last time he performed solo for the Moisture Festival, we discovered he was great at making sandwiches. You think that sounds kind of unimpressive, and that basically anyone can make a sandwich? What if I told you that from start to finish, opening packages and all, he made the sandwich with his feet? Now THAT is impressive! Don't worry, just like any good chef, he washed up before starting. You won't want to miss whatever Rob dishes up next, so buy tickets to one of the dates we'll list here in the next couple weeks!

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