February 3, 2015

Music Groups at Moisture Festival 2015

Part of the great variety of our variete includes musical acts, and we have some talented artists lined up for you this year! These two bands include strong voices and interesting lyrics, both telling stories of sorts while showcasing amazing aural aptitude.

The Bobs photo by John Cornicello

First, we have an A Capella quartet like no other... The Bobs! This Grammy-nominated group takes what you think you know about music and turns it upside-down, and side-ways, cross-wise... you get the point. Though they started their musical career performing uniquely arranged covers of popular songs, the Bobs have created their own songs over the years and released a number of albums, including 2013's "Biographies", highlighting famous and not-so-famous people throughout history.

It has been over 30 years since the Bobs first sang a note together, and though the owners of the voices have changed, the group remains a strong, cohesive vocal unit that will make you smile with their captivating harmonies and clever lyrics. The Seattle Times once described them as "a musical equivalent of a Gary Larson drawing", but you won't have to go to the Far Side to see them. Just check here for show dates, grab your friends and family, and head on over to Hale's Palladium to see the Bobs!

Uncle Bonsai photo by Michelle Bates

Another band you won't want to miss is Uncle Bonsai. This group adds an acoustic guitar to their three part vocal harmonies, and humorous and sometimes strange lyrics weave stories to entertain you. In 2013, they released a "bedtime book for grownups", The Monster in the Closet/Go to Sleep. This book of 2 songs, illustrated by the band members, also includes a recording of the songs, showing that this band can take it to the next level with multimedia offerings.

Having started performing in the early 80's, Uncle Bonsai has opened for many well known bands, including the Bobs! After an eight year hiatus, they reunited in 1998 to create more sonic stories, and now continue to titillate us with their tales. Chris Lunn with Victory Music Review said Uncle Bonsai "are one of the best things to erupt since Mount St. Helens... as startling as a dog with good breath." We think they are just delightful and are thrilled to have them back at the festival. Check here in late February for showtimes.

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