February 12, 2015

Magical Moisture Acts!

The Oxford-English dictionary defines magic as "the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces". One could also define it as "awesome, exhilarating fun" and "something amazing to see at the Moisture Festival". Whatever definition you choose, you'll want to keep your eyes open for these enchanting entertainers!

Jen Kramer
Jen Kramer will be at the Moisture Festival for the first time this year, and we are so excited to have her! She currently headlines a regular show at the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort in Las Vegas, and has also performed in multiple countries, on numerous television shows and been profiled in print and online publications. The secret is out... Jen Kramer is marvelously magical!

Somehow, she has also found the time to attend Yale, graduating with distinction in 2014 as a Theater Studies major. During her time there, she was also the founder and president of the Yale Magic Society. Jen has used her talents to bring joy to the Winthrop University Hospital's Cancer Center for Kids, the HUC-JIR soup kitchen in Manhattan, and while in high school, started a magic rehabilitation program at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Oh, and to top it all off, Jen is a black belt in Shotokan Karate! Is there anything she can't do? Check here later this month for showtimes so you can see the magic of Jen Kramer for yourself!

Majinga the Magician
The Moisture Festival is the world's largest and longest running comedy/variete festival, so it makes sense that we would feature a magician who has been performing in the longest-running magic show in the San Francisco Bay area. Majinga the Magician's "Magique Bazaar" has been wowing audiences with magic, variety acts, dancers, and more since 1998. He's even been published... "Book of Magic" from Klutz Press has sold over two million copies, and he's contributed to a handful of other books about magic.

Majinga the Magician was touring Indonesia and China when he saw something fascinating that he could not ignore. "Bian Lian" (change of face) originated over 300 years ago from the Sichuan Opera, and Majinga spent an intense four years studying this feat and creating his own character, Lian Qi Bian. He has respectfully resurrected this ancient art form and astounded audiences at the Magique Bazaar in San Francisco and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Majinga is a must-see, so make sure you get tickets to one of his performances! Check back at the end of February for show dates and times here.

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