March 13, 2012

A Letter From A Fan - '7000 Miles Away, I Mentioned The Moisture Festival'

Jessica and Brian
We just had to share the following letter we just received from one of our fans Jessica Montgomery. It made us a little misty eyed and it certainly proves that magical things happen at the Moisture Festival.

Hi Rhonda,

First I want to say that this will be my second year in attending this awesome show! I was blown away the first time by the amazing performers and wonderful atmosphere back in 2010. The reason I am writing you this is because I wanted to share with you and the rest of Moisture Festival people this great story.

In March 2010, I was active duty Army getting ready to deploy to Iraq for a year, I went to the Moisture Festival to celebrate my birthday and to do something fun before I left. During the show, a performer with a unicycle and a tutu called up a volunteer from the audience.  The volunteer was a very charismatic man and easily gained the audience's approval and the performer and volunteer both were hilarious.  Fast forward six months and I am in Iraq taking care of the military working dogs amidst daily mortar and rocket attacks.

Someone said once that you can't find love in a war zone. I never believed that. So I reached out and went online with Eharmony. Not expecting much, maybe a penpal until I returned to the states, instead I found a wonderful man was willing to wait for me to return.  One night, talking to each via Skype, 7000 miles away, I mentioned the Moisture Festival.  We soon discovered that we had both attended a show during the same month. Brian asked me if I remembered the "schmuck" who got on stage and danced around with the performer in a tutu. I did recall that and laughed at how funny he was. It never dawned on me that Brian was the guy called on stage. We both were just astounded at the coincidence.  I was sitting in the balcony section and he was very close to stage. What are the odds? Here is a woman sent to a foreign country 7000 miles away from home, got on the world wide web and found someone who had been to the same show and fate pointed him out. In a tutu no less. :)

Brian and I are going this year as I have returned from Iraq this past September. The tickets were a birthday present from Brian and they are very special. I truly believe it was fate and I am glad to be home safe and sound to enjoy them with Brian once again. :)

Jessica Montgomery

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