March 20, 2012

Moisture Festival - Absinthe And Burlesque Together Again - Have A Glass Of Absinthe At The Burlesque Show Bar

Of course, absinthe and burlesque are old friends, so it made perfect sense to seize the opportunity to put them together! At this year's Moisture Festival Libertease Burlesque shows you’ll be able to order a glass of Marteau Absinthe from the Broadway Performance Hall lobby bar. It may add a little magic and mystery to your perception of the evening. 

The Burlesque scene in Seattle is ripe with immense creativity. These local performers relish the edge and fearlessly explore sexual humor. They’ve consistently garnered a top spot in the Las Vegas Miss Exotic World Pageant. Combine these local burlesque stars with national and international headliners in this genre, add varietè artists whose material and humor not only cross the line but mock the idea that there is a line, and you have Moisture Festival’s Libertease Burlesque.

You must be 18 or older to attend Moisture Festival Libertease Burlesque shows. All proceeds from liquor sales at the Broadway Performance Hall go to benefit the Moisture Festival. Thank you to Marteau Absinthe for their support in helping make it happen. 

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