March 26, 2012

Moisture Festival Week Three - 'Three Venues At Once' - Variete And Burlesque Shows Galore - Georgetown Ballroom Opens

MC Armitage Shanks -  Photo John Cornicello
Week three begins Wednesday night with continuing Variété shows at Hale's Palladium and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday we open the Georgetown Ballroom. Libertease Burlesque shows continue at Broadway Performance Hall on Friday and Saturday.  We will then have achieved the trick of having festival shows in 'three venues simultaneously'.  Yikes! If it seems like there are an ton of shows to choose from think about how we feel.

Variété shows take place at Hale's Palladium all week long starting on Wednesday night March 29th. Then we open at Georgetown Ballroom on Friday April 30th followed by two shows on Saturday evening and a Sunday April 1st 3pm matinee. There is also a 3pm Matinee variété show at Broadway Performance Hall on Sunday April 1st.

The Libertease Burlesque Shows continue into their second week at Broadway Performance Hall on Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm and 10:30pm. Tickets are available for most shows especially for the late night 10:30pm shows in all venues, so get your tickets NOW. This week's variété and burlesque shows will feature an abundance of entirely new super talented performers who've just arrived plus many of the usual returning suspects.

Here is a taste of some of the new variété acts arriving this week: Baby Gramps, Bronkar and Cyndi, Dana Smith, Della Moustachella, Elizabeth Rose, Ropeworks by René, Rubberband Boy Scot Nery, AJ Silver, David DeebleEric Schwartz, Kevin JoyceLelavision, Sara Felder, Tank Karo, Johnny Jetpack PropulsionNathan Arnold, Smerdyakov KaramazovClay Martin's Puppet TheaterAlex Zerbe, Quynbi,  Pinky d’Ambrosia, Tom Noddy, Sally Pepper, Daniel Forlano, Sisters, Tamara the Trapeze Lady and many more.

Finally, on Monday April 2nd we will have the FREE to the public special educational lecture and film event 'Silents Are Golden' at Hales Palladium featuring circus historian and legend Robert Mermin. 

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