March 1, 2012

Moisture Festival Week One Will Offer Magical Line-Up Of Comedy And Variete' Performers - Opening Night Gala - Special Benefit - Laughter And Thrills

The Moisture Festival talent bookers have worked hard over the Summer, Fall and Winter to make week one of the 2012 Moisture Festival a fantastic experience for our fans. They've booked some of the finest comedy and variete' talents available anywhere. The internationally renowned performers who will populate the stage at Hale's Palladium during our opening week, commencing with our Open Night Gala on Thursday March 15th, will leave you laughing and amazed.  Here's a list of week one's lineup: 

The opening week also includes a special benefit for Clowns Without Borders at the 3pm Matinee Performance (great for adults and kids) on March 17th, with the proceeds from the show going to support this unique organization's mission. We also invite you to consider our late night 10:30pm shows on Friday and Saturday nights, they offer a special flavor of mature free wheeling late night entertainment. Each Moisture Festival Show is different from the next, which means you can go every night and you'll still  be seeing something you haven't seen before. 

Every year we hear the same refrain from our fans about how they missed out on seeing critically acclaimed Moisture Festival Shows they wanted to attend because they didn't buy their tickets before it was too late, and when they finally acted they found the shows they wanted to attend were already sold out. We urge festival fans to get their tickets early to avoid this inevitable ticket crunch.  

*Show lineups are subject to change

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